Jul 22, 2014

Back Porch & Mudroom Reno

The bungalow is getting some work done to it.

The back porch is getting ripped off.  Mudroom gutted.  New windows.  Doors.  Insulation.  Siding.  Storage.  Paint.  Flooring.  And we're getting a new fence!  Best part we are not doing the work.  No fixer uppers for this one.

Super excited!!!

Especially because this will help a ton in the winter when mine and The Mr.'s closet is FAREEZing.  It's right next to the mudroom.  I hate putting my clothes on because they feel like icicles.  Honestly.  It's awful!  I dread going in there during the winter.  I feel like I'm walking into Antarctica.

My girls will no longer get splinters either.  The Mr. has pulled out tons from their little hands.  The deck was so old and we've not treated it.  Sadly, though, the steps are where I take so many of my product photos.  The weathered wood and it's nice grey color.  I will miss those steps some...Sigh.

We've also done many changes to the backyard and this is the final piece of the puzzle.  Well, at least right now until I find another backyard project....ha!

Work has officially started and I couldn't be more excited.  Eager.  My mind is constantly on the go with figuring out how I want it to turn out.  I'm sure I'm driving The Mr. CRAZY!  I want this.  No, I want that.  OK, no we'll do this.  How about this fixture?  Which paint color do you like?   What about this?  On and on and on...

I've found great inspiration, though, and have it all over my Pinterest board.  Come check it out here.


Now some pics of how the porch and mudroom look "BEFORE" the reno!

Jul 9, 2014

GIVEAWAY - $50 Target Gift Card

Hey Everyone!

Did you all have a fun 4th of July?  We went camping.  Had a blast!

So, it's time to giveaway the $50 Target Gift Card I promised when Bungalov reached 500 Facebook likes.  Which we fast exceeded and now close to 1,000 already!  CRAZY and so happy to have you all following along.

Why Target???  Well, it's my FAV and I'm seriously there about a million times each week....

Giveaway will run from now through July 15th at noon.  A winner will be randomly selected.

It's very simple.  Like us on Facebook, leave a new comment on any one of Bungalov's post, and/or visit our Pinterest page and re-pin one of our pins.  If you decide to leave a comment on this post let us know what you plan on buying with your gift card if you win!  Complete all three entries for your best chances!

So, ready, set, GO!

Good luck everyone!  Can't wait to see who wins!


Jul 1, 2014

Snapshots from The Vintage Farmhouse's 2014 Summer Enchanted Market

Wow.  July 1st.  Time is flying this year!  Half way through 2014!!!

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind.  And that is saying it nicely...

I've done 4 markets in 7 weeks.  4!!!  I also procrastinated this past winter getting things ready for market season so in the midst I've been getting product ready basically as it sells.  And our last show at The Vintage Farmhouse's Summer Enchanted Market was a last minute addition to our schedule.  An opportunity and invite I could NOT pass up!!!

The couple weeks before The Enchanted Market were the hardest.  I was running on little sleep going to bed around 2 am EVERY night.  My days consisted of working my day job, taking care of the girls, working on items after they went to bed, and trying to spend some time with The Mr.

After June's Kane County market I had very little product left of Bungalov's popular items.  Mind you I also wiped out all my sources for getting frames and milk glass.  So I had to go on a goose chase to find any pieces anywhere I could.  Then I had a gazillion and one frames to paint (literally).  Signs to make.  Wood to stain.  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

I often get asked how do I do it all?  I can't.  And DON'T!  So please don't be fooled.  I'm human and not perfect.  I get done what I can, when I can.  But I'm a self admitted workaholic so somehow I got a lot done for this past market and was pleased with my progress.

The Enchanted Market was a ton of fun and I met so many nice people.  Nicki with The Vintage Farmhouse did a great job organizing the market!  I'm so grateful she invited Bungalov to take part!  The venue was Wild Air Farms in Zionsville, Indiana.  It was a horse farm and the land was breathtaking.  The air smelled so fresh!  The weather turned out to be hot and muggy but I was happy it did not rain all over us!  Our booth was outside so that would of been a disaster...

Setting up the booth this market was tough for me.  My sister could not join me this show (which had my stomach in knots...).   I started this market journey solo but we are a team now and together we collaborate and partner so well.  She is always a HUGE help!  I'm basically the one who gets the product together and does most of the painting and upcycling pieces (with the help of The Mr.).  My sister is our buyer and who searches endlessly for pieces to buy and gathers inspiration for our designs.  She is great helping our customers and runs our space at markets.  My sister has an amazing eye and sets up awesome displays!  Luckily my mom agreed to join me for The Enchanted Market and help as much as she could.  She self admits she is not much of a "decorator" and definitely does not have the vision me and my sister have but she was such a big help.  Just loading and unloading is so much work and with her it went fast.  Decorating I mainly did alone and it took me 8 very long hours.  YES, 8 HOURS!  Most people don't realize how much work goes into doing markets and how long it can take for set up.  For our booth it takes longer than most since we have a lot of small detailed items and breakables.  We are also very careful with how we pack to keep things organized and limit breakage.  In the end, though, I had a great time with my mom and was happy with how I set up Bungalov's space.

Now that The Enchanted Market has come and gone I'm taking some time to rest up.  I have 5 more weeks until my next market.  I plan on spending every minute with my family and enjoying our summer together.

Here are some shots of the market and our space for you to enjoy!

Jun 2, 2014

Bub is 6!

Another year has gone by.  My little girl is getting older way too fast!

She is so witty.  Funny.  Smart.  Beautiful.

I LOVe my sweet princess with all my heart.

Happy 6th birthday bubba boo!

May 28, 2014

Memorial Day & Market News

Hope you all had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!

We spent time at the bungalow hanging out with family.  Did lots of gardening (I mean LOTS) and enjoyed some BBQ (YUM).

We also spent time checking out Cantigny Gardens.  My sister will be getting married there next June so we went along with her and walked the site.  So LOVely and peaceful.  Just perfect.  It is going to be AMAZING!  This place speaks for itself!

Cannot wait!

Now for our BIG market news.  First I need to let you know we will NOT be doing the July market at Kane County this year.  I will be taking a (MUCH) needed break that weekend and plan on spending time with my family celebrating the holiday.

The reason why???  We were invited to do The Vintage Farmhouse's Summer Enchanted Market on June 20th and 21st in Zionsville, Indiana.

How could I turn down that opportunity???  I've been a reader of The Vintage Farmhouse for a while.  I was ecstatic (and that's being modest) when I saw an email from Nicki asking Bungalov if we'd like to be apart of her show!  So, taking a road trip and setting up shop.  I cannot wait and so, so, excited.  It was amazing being apart of Urban Farmgirl's Main Street Market.  I know this one will be just as fun!

Save the date and if you can make the trip you HAVE to come.  This is another market with awesome vendors and one you should not miss!

Have a great week and hope we do see you at Kane County's June show this weekend May 31st and June 1st!

Enjoy some photos from our Memorial Day weekend.