Apr 17, 2010

The Inspection

So, we had our inspection this past week. Not as good as we hoped but it is what it is. This post is to continue with why we started this blog, which is to share with everyone our home buying experience and to shed light on all the craziness which we will embark on.

Buying a home is like planning your wedding and getting married. It should be what you want and not what others want. It is about going through a process which you don't always know what the outcome will be but in the end it is worth it! It is great hearing the opinions of others but the Mr. and I will need to live with the decisions made. I am sure everyone who has planned a wedding or bought a home know where I am coming from....which is why we got married in Hawaii with just the two of us. :)

The home we always wanted to buy was very specific and of the oldest type of homes in Chicago. With that comes a lot of work and patience. We knew we would not be able to get the perfect home but we want one we can improve on and make it what we want. Before going to inspection the house showed lots of flaws. The issues we thought would be bad turned out not to be but we did find out there are more issues with the foundation than we expected. It is still too early to know what is needed and if the seller is willing to fix this. So, before jumping the gun and walking away we've asked for more time so we can get a fair assessment from a professional in the field of working on foundations. Living on the Northwest side of the city is not the greatest when it comes to foundation issues and flooding. We will not side from buying a home that is structurally sound but we want to give the seller a chance to fix this. In this type of market I would hope the seller would be willing to. If not, the decision would then be simple to walk away and let the seller figure out how to move their home.

So, the journey has definitely started out bumpy but if this is meant to be for us it will all work out. If not, we at least still have the opportunity to move on and find something else.

Apr 10, 2010

Under Contract

So, we are under contract! And so excited! Our future home is exactly what we wanted. Well, minus all the work but up for the challenge. This is earlier than we expected but a house we could not pass up. We plan to close in June as long as the inspection and loan process goes smoothly.

Our goal was to always find an octagonal Chicago bungalow in a great neighborhood where there are lots of block parties. At least we hope they have block parties...The husband and I have spent endless hours walking neighborhoods we've lived in dreaming of what someday we would have. Now we are that much closer. All that is left are all the sweat and tears. I know I am up for the challenge but I hope husband is ready for all the "let's hurry to get this done" and "when will this be ready". We know though that the end result will be great. He did such a good job on our condo that I know this will be one good looking home! Now hopefully we don't loose a ton of money...

We decided to start this blog to share with our friends and family the journey we are about to start. We have a long road ahead of remodeling, bickering, fighting and getting what we want. In the end we hope to have a wonderful home to share with all of you!