May 1, 2010

Starting Over...

So, who likes to not get what they want? Anyone, anyone? Well, I don't. And if you were to ask my husband how the past 48 hours have been he would tell you he saw the wrath of me....lots of disappointment and mixed feelings. I was being me. Typical Jen when I don't get what I want. Yes, I am a big baby (I admit it) but who cares. I wanted that house darn it!

We finally were able to have the foundation looked at by US Waterproofing. Ben was nice but boy did I hate him late Thursday night. Not because he did anything wrong but because he helped us to walk away from the house. Yes everyone, we are no longer "Under Contract". Yippy? Nope not at all! Beer time!

So what, the foundation has some cracks, which are not that of a big deal. Seal em up and no water. The issue is that one side has settled a couple inches and the house is leaning over. Not really noticeable to the eye, the Mr. says he could tell, but also apparently noticeable from inside. I cannot say I noticed the leaning inside but I wanted this house. Maybe I was being blind or playing dumb. Still not sure at this point. Ben said the bricks on the exterior showed signs of cracking from the middle, which is not good. He also could not say that if we stopped water from coming in if the problem would be solved. More settling could still occur which wouldn't be good since this side already dropped quite a bit. I guess we could say we are lucky that we did notice this, were told it was bad and had the opportunity to walk away. Some people buy houses that have these issues and never know until they live there and it is too late.

Now we are starting over. On the search again for the great Chicago Bungalow. Maybe this really will take us some time. I just hope the next one is better like everyone is telling me it will be. I do promise, though, I will not sway from living in a bungalow. I want it and am not willing to sacrifice it for anything.

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