Jul 22, 2010

Please No More Writing on The Walls!

Work is under way. So much going on that I have no time to keep this blog updated.


We could not wait to get in and start work. Boy did we find so many other things we needed to do after we got in the house and the previous owner's stuff was all out. It is amazing what furniture can hide. We are even more grateful now that we did not get the first/sinking house. This one itself has become a lot of work. Who knows what we would have got ourselves into with the first. We now consider it a gift the other one fell through! We also found out a 2nd deal on it fell thru too...

The first lesson I've learned with our new home is it is not acceptable to write on walls. The previous owner let her kids have free will on the walls and write away. We practically had a book that has been erased away with primer. Our bedroom had a closet filled with words and pictures. Favorite was "Please do not paint over" which was fresh and the last thing left behind for us...hmmm. If you look close you may even be able to see it! We also had messages the kids wrote to each other, hearts in gel paint that had to be sanded away and even a wall of stickers. Maybe I missed the boat and this is the new trend in home design.

After spending endless hours priming almost every inch we have embarked on our painting...now we get to start seeing some hard work show.  Here are some before shots.

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