Aug 4, 2010

Getting Striped

Tonight I will be trying something new.  I will be painting a stripe on our kitchen wall.  I have always wanted to do this but never did.  It was always out of laziness or not being gutsy enough (you know the feeling of painting all the walls and just not wanting to do anymore?  Yawn!).  So, with the help of my sister, a level, painter's tape, paint and my handy roller we will splash it on the wall.  I guess rolling it on will be easier...

One thing I could not make up my mind about was to use my blue tape or mix it up and try out the Frog Tape.  The Mr. votes for Frog Tape but my thriftiness lead me to think my blue tape would be fine.  Have to admit, though, I don't feel like touching up the bleeding paint to make the lines perfect.  So, after surfing the web and checking out reviews I've decided to stop at Lowes and pick up a roll.  I will test it out and see if it is truly is worth the $10 a roll. 

What do you think???

Have you used it before???

Aug 1, 2010

Caulk 101

Caulk can be an extraordinary thing or it can be dreadful. I was painting the bathroom radiator today and my paint would not stick. Reason? Silicone caulk. I knew what I needed to do next but was dreading it. I scraped, scraped and scraped. Removed all the silicone and voila. My paint stuck just like I knew it would. Now normally I would of removed the caulk but I admit I was lazy and hoping the paint would be OK. Yes, I was wrong.

I am the caulking queen and know the great things it can do. You have to know how to use it right, though. So here comes my tip for you. Make sure you use silicone for baths, showers,sinks. Areas that will get wet. Other places it is best to use all purpose or a non-silicone. Also, if you know you will be caulking an area that will be painted make sure you get the option that is paintable. All purpose is typically paintable. If the past owner of our home knew this she may not have used silicone for the radiator. She painted and then threw silicone right over.