May 16, 2011

Dig in the Gardening Queen

"Ooh see that girl, watch that seen, dig in the dancing gardening queen."

Dancing queen?  Well not exactly "digging" in that sense for me...but lately I have felt like the gardening queen.  All things gardening.  I LOVE flowers and plants but keeping them alive is not something in the past I've been good with.  But who said I'm giving up? 

Not me!

Last fall I began working on the flowers in the front and this spring was 50% satisfied with my work.  If you know me, 50% is not good enough.  I need 110%.  We had daylilies in the front, which I LOVE, but that is the only flower we had besides our two boxwood shrubs.  So, I went ahead and transplanted the few daylilies to spread them out and make room for new plants.  I added in a few perennials (that I got on sale and have no clue of their name) and a few asters.  They looked great in the fall but not so good so far this year.  Daylilies survived, asters all died and only one of the other perennials had come up.  I shouldn't speak too soon since Spring has had a slow start but I have been anxious.  So, headed out to Home Depot and the local nursery to buy a bunch of new flowers and plants.

Got myself a couple russian sage, one butterfly shrub, couple pretty hyacinth flowers, grape hyacinth and one lonely tulip. Why only one tulip?  Well, that is because a neighborhood squirrel ate all my other bulbs last fall...hope those bulbs tasted good.  Had to balance out the one that popped up.

Planted all my new plants and felt very good about them.  I love how they look and now the true test will be if they last all Summer for me...



Really hope these last a while!


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  1. It looks so good! Brings in a ton of color!


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