May 11, 2011

Gardening With My Bub

I am back and really have missed writing on my blog!  I am excited to start up again and can't wait to tell you about what's been going on.

Sunday was so much fun and I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  The Mr. made us a yummy breakfast, we spent the entire day outside planting flowers, had Superdawg (totally against my diet but it was Mother's Day after all...) and then passed out on the couch of pure exhaustion. 

See how busy we were.  Bub was a great helper too and loved gardening!  I love my little Bub.  She made my day extra special and gave me lots of kisses.

When we moved into our house the backyard was a blank slate.  All grass and one lone shrub (that has since been taken down).  We knew it was perfect since we could put in anything we wanted and not have to deal with cleaning it up and taking out those things we didn't want.  At least one thing could be easy with this house, right? 

So, our first new addition to the yard is a flower garden off the patio.  I can see it now.  Us sitting outside, eating dinner and enjoying the smell of our beautiful garden.  Can't wait!  I decided to fill it with lots of lavender surrounded by pretty red and yellow flowers.  All perennials too so I can watch them grow over the years.  This project was fun but it was a lot more work than I expected.  It took us all day.  So much for our other projects we had planned on getting done.  We dug up the grass (that was mainly the Mr.), turned our dirt, added in new soil, planted all nine plants and topped it with nice dark brown mulch.  Eight hours later we were in awe of how good a job we did.  Team work paid off.

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  1. The garden is awesome! You will love the lavender!! It should look and smell great! I hope you enjoy many family dinners in your upcoming backyard! I'm sure your little helper has learned a few things and can help you with all your projects!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!