May 17, 2011

In Love With...Galvanized Buckets

An item I have fallen in love with are galvanized buckets.  I keep seeing them pop up all over as decor.  They are so simple looking but can look great around the home.  You can use them as decoration, planters, garbage can, to organize a room.  Uses are endless! 

I am personally most in love with the older ones that are all beat up and vintage.  I think their look alone is why they are worth having.  These bad boys can be bought at stores like Pottery Barn but some great ones can be hunted for at flea markets.

Here are some looksies from the web that I found.

I couldn't let this topic end by me just talking about how great these buckets are.  I found myself a couple at the Grayslake, IL flea market and snagged two for $10!  I was super excited considering I almost bought myself two from the front for $15 each.  I forced myself to walk around more and scope things out and low and behold I got a good deal.  Check them out and see what me and Katie did with them!

 I promise I have been working on more than yard work...

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  1. 2 for $10. That is a great deal.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for commenting. Great deal, huh? Most vendors in the front up their prices since they are first seen. It really does pay off to walk around before buying and then go back to those boothes that offer lower prices and are willing to go down some. Mine were marked for $8 and $6 each but I was able to get the seller down since I was buying two.

  3. I am a junkie for galvanized buckets too! I absolutely love them painted in bright colors as well!

  4. Thanks Sharon for checking me out. I love your blog!

    I agree that painting them is another great idea. I think yellow would be nice!

  5. Hope I finally did this. Love the look with the pots. Looking forward to seeing them on Sunday.

  6. I am totally with you on the galvanized love thing. :) Are we strange? Anyway, your home looks so cute. Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Thanks Aunt Joan. You did it! I love the bucket you brought for me too. I am going to post up a pic for everyone to see!

    Thanks for checking me out Miss Mustard Seed!

  8. I love the oblong bucket with the rosemary (looks like) planted in it. How pretty! They look so good grouped together.

    Nice post!



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