May 24, 2011

Bub & Her Big Girl Bed

It's official.  The Mr. and I have lost more freedom.  We moved the crib out and the big girl bed in.  Lucky for us, Bub loves it and has been doing great.  She caught on real fast.  Minus the times she comes creeping into our room...It has been a few weeks from when we put it in and since then I've been busy working on all the little details throughout the room.  Those to be shared later.

Bub had a convertible set but we'd been debating for weeks about the color and wishing we had bought a white set.  It also doesn't help that we get PB Kids and Land of Nod catalogs weekly dangling the girls' bedroom sets all in white.  So, the decision was made to get a new one.  We made sure to get a set though that will last our Bub a very long time.

And off we went!  We took our time looking around and finally decided on the full size Catalina bed and tall drawer chest from PBK.  The bed cost us $624 and dresser $799, including delivery.  We bought a mattress from PBK too but that was out of laziness and not wanting to bounce around looking for a deal.  Mattress cost us $449.  I assure you, though, that you can find the same mattress for much cheaper.

For the bedding we stuck with PBK and went with the Lily quilted bedding and Brianna sheeting.  To add a little whimsy we also got the Joy owl plush pillow.  All so cute together!  Yes, the bedding is more on the expensive side but I couldn't help myself.  To help with the cost we used the rewards we got from paying for the set on our PB card.  If you are looking for a cheaper option Target has some great sets that are very similar to those sold at PBK.

Here it is.  What do you think?

Bub loving it and actually posing for me! (So sorry for the grainy pics...sigh.)

For more inspiration here are some other sets and girls' rooms that I was in love with.

PBK Camilla Set

PBK Thomas Set

Land of Nod Jenny Lind Set

Land of Nod Vignette Set

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  1. Very very very cute!!! Love the bedding, it is so "Katie" and I like the way the white furniture looks! Good choice! You'll have to show all the accessories that will be put up now!


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