May 18, 2011

Thinking About Sunshine

Dear Mother Nature, please give us some sunshine and warm air.  Here in Chicago our Spring has been cold, cold and cold.  Where is our 60 and 70 degree weather?  Sunshine?  I really would like to go on more walks.  Take Bub and Kona to the park.  Just sit outside and enjoy the weather.  All this so far has been limited to only a few days.  I have cabin fever and very tired of being stuck inside.  The cold and gloom makes me feel sad and down.  Amazing how weather makes such an impact on how we feel, huh?

To add on, today started out as a bad day with terrible news.  So, some sunshine would help cheer me up!  To my friend, Lisa I will miss you and remember you!  I hope your family finds comfort in their loss.  You were a wonderful person and I am glad to have known you.

If today I cannot have sunshine I will do my best to think about it instead.  Here are some things that I would much rather be out doing today.

And if escaping Chicago was possible...

1 comment:

  1. Lisa? I'm so sorry..

    The weather definitely makes an impact on your mood and daily personality. Soon it should be sunny and warm!

    Keep your head up!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!