Jun 20, 2011

Celebrating Father's Day

Hope all you dads had a happy Father's Day!

We celebrated father's day by going to Lake Geneva, WI on Saturday.  It was a perfect day!  If you've never been you HAVE to make it there sometime.  So many fun things to do.

First stop was strawberry picking at Thompson's Farm in Bristol.  The weather was perfect and lots of strawberries to pick through.  (and eat...)

Then off to Beil's Bakery in Delavan.  This for me is no ordinary bakery.  Beil's used to be in my childhood neighborhood, Mayfair in Chicago, and I stopped there often EVERYDAY!  Whenever I make it out to LG, Beil's is on my to do list. 

The one item I never leave without are their AWESOME brownies.  This is such a reminder of my childhood stops there.

Bub likes them too...

Delavan is such a quaint, friendly town and has a very Americana feel.  Brick streets and old shops line the downtown.  Lots of antique shops too and these I could not pass up.

Here are a few items I bought.  A couple pieces of milk glass compote that I found for $4 and $5.  I also got a Ball jar filled with buttons for $2.50.  I have a magnet project I want to try with the buttons and I just can't stop getting myself Ball jars.

Check out this awesome pantry I saw.  Only $75!!!  Wouldn't this be a great piece to have?  Too bad I have no room...

To finish our day trip we walked by the lake and had a picnic.  Here is Bub enjoying her first Potbelly sandwich.  PB&J.

Hope you had as great of a day as we did!


  1. Glad you had such a great day!Up until a couple years ago I would go and pick strawberries every year. Thompson's is really not too far from me. My boys would have a blast. Another thing is that I never knew that Beil's bakery moved. I just thought they closed down. Whenever I stopped by your house I would stop there first. That's probably where your Dad developed his taste for eclairs.Sometime this Sumnmer I will have to take you to Richmond Il.They have about 2 blocks of antique shops. It's a little ride, but you stay on 173 all the way. I go that way every Summer because there is a farm I go to for corn. What a great week-end you had!

  2. Thanks Aunt Joan. Oh yeah Beil's is alive and open. I found out a few years ago and get it at least once a year. It is in Delavan, which is right outside of Lake Geneva. Here is a Yelp link for them.


  3. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I see Katie is wearing her new dress! I love that dress, lol. I've never been strawberry picking! I was telling Brian we should try to go somewhere down in Carbondale! I'll have to look up some places!

    Also, you are teasing me with the Biel's photos! I cannot wait to go there! Was it close to the antique shops? Looks like you found some more good finds! I can't wait to get my own house so you can help me design it!!

  4. Mand you and Brian for sure need to go. It is so much fun. I like it better than apple picking and that I love doing. And don't worry. We will be hitting up Beil's and the antique stores in a couple weeks!!!

  5. Visiting from Centsational Girl and as a former Chicago resident now living in Madison, I couldn't resist checking out your post. Love Lake Geneva, sounds like an excellent adventure. I also love those Chicago bungalows...we moved to Madison from Old Irving Park, so there were many in my neighborhood and in the neighborhoods near by. Lucky to have one you can make your own!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  6. Thanks Cathy for visiting. Hope you come again! We love Lake Geneva. Nice to hear others do to. I also love Old Irving and wanted to move there for our first home but we fell in love with Norwood years ago when we had our condo. I grew up in Mayfair and went to Belding Elementary School. Very small world sometimes!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!