Jun 28, 2011

In Love With...These Kitchens

One of my fav blogs to read is Miss Mustard Seed.  Marian is such a great inspiration and ALWAYS does an amazing job.  Recently she posted about her kitchen redo.  As always, my heart skipped a beat. 

Check out her post here:

Remember my post Oak It Up?  Here is the link for a refresher: Oak It Up.  Marian had all those wood tones just like in mine and transformed her kitchen with only paint and hardware.  Yes, all the wood tones are great but just wait!  I am in LOVE and super jealous!  The farmhouse style, antiques, calm feeling.  Ahhh!  Now I cannot stop thinking about how I would like to tackle more in my kitchen...Ugh.

Here is Miss Mustard Seeds' transformation.  Remember to pick up your jaw.



Look a little closer.

Amazing how painting those cabinets made it look so dramatically different.  I think it would make a big impact in my kitchen too.  Hesitation, tho...I have painted cabinets before in the condo and not fun.  It actually took me over a year to finish cause I got super lazy...

The Bungalov Kitchen

Got some decisions to make...

Here are some more inspiring kitchens.  I am not much of a modern girl so hope you don't mind my love for the farmhouse and cottage style kitchens...it will be VERY obvious...

This one is a redo done over at The Virginia House.  Just love the white on top and green on bottom.

Southern Living

Country Living

Southern Living

One last blogger redo.  This one is from Restored Style.  It is so nice it was featured in the recent issue of Kitchen & Bath Makeover Magazine.

Check it out.

Restored Style

Well, off to thinking about this some more.  To paint or not to paint.  That is the BIG question!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I'm with you on the paint or no paint! I have solid wood cabinets that have quite a bit of varnish on them...it would be a bear to get it all off to paint it. I'm thinking of a "mini-makeover" in my kitchen...painting the walls, cleaning up the tile and adding some new farmhouse accessories. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!