Jun 13, 2011

In Love With...West Elm

I love looking through West Elm catalogs for ideas and inspiration.  Well, I went to the Chicago store on Sheffield and North, which was my FIRST visit and now I am in BIG trouble.  I loved it!  I was  overwhelmed with glee.  I think I circled the store about hundred times...

Remember my collages?  Here are more to enjoy!  Their frames rocked too.  I will remember these when I have some more art to hang.

I could not get over this bedding.  I wanted it.  Wish I had some money to buy it NOW!


West Elm likes galvanized buckets too.  I told you they were cool!

Hope you're enjoying this great day.  We got some good weather today!

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  1. LOVE West Elm also--my daughter in law and son lived in Texas for awhile with his company..I would visit them every 6 weeks and drive (so i could fill up my SUV with purchases!) We would go to the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos--AND they have a section of the PB outlet dedicated to WEST ELM!! GREAT BUYS--items for cheap--my daughter in law purchased one of their $600.00 chairs for-$9.99--no joke! Going to check out the PB outlet in Ohio-about 6 hours from me-hope it is as great at the one in San Marcos...


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!