Jun 7, 2011

Katie's Big Girl Bedroom Complete

Woo hoo!  Katie's bedroom is all finished.  I am estactic how it turned out.  Please let me know what you think. 

I enjoy hearing what you all have to say!

Here is the scoop of what I did.  The paint color was left alone since I have always been in love with it.  Lavender Heather from the Eddie Bauer collection sold at Lowes.  This color originally took me a while to pick.  When we were setting up Katie's room before she was born I knew I wanted a purple with some grey to it.  More muted than bold.  It looked perfect in our condo and I knew it would look great in our bungalow too. So, no need to change.

Majority of the decor also stayed as it was in Bub's baby room.  Shelf above dresser is from Land of Nod, called Scroll with the Changes.  Flower hooks on each side of dresser also are from Land of Nod.  Curtains were a shower gift we received and from Pottery Barn Kids.  Toy storage is the Trofast system from IKEA.  Books are being stored in a couple office organizers I got from IKEA before Katie was born.  Not their original intention but a purchase I knew would work somewhere and just seemed the right fit when we were setting up the baby's room.

And for the new additions.  My favorite is the art collage on the wall above Bub's bed.  I LOVe collages and this is one of several I have done in the bungalow.  I will make sure to share my others.  Auntie Mandy got Bub wooden letters from PBK so we could hang her name on the other wall above her bed.  For the big girl room I decided to spell out Katie instead of Kaitlyn as we had in her baby room.  Before Bub was born one surprise we kept a secret was her name.  We revealed the name by spelling it out in a banner we bought from Land of Nod.  Rug and butterflies fluttering on the walls are from PBK.  Bedside table was a $20 find from the Grayslake flea market.  For the new bed set and bedding details make sure to check out Katie & Her Big Girl Bed.

Now for the big reveal!


  1. Beautiful! You are very talented! :)

  2. i LOVE the way it turned out!! I saw the collage but her name and butterflies came out really good!! Katie must feel like a little princess!

  3. Adorable! Your a great decorator!

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments. I am glad you enjoyed and thought I did a good job!


  5. I love Katie's Big Girl room! The green really pops. I have pictures to share of Aidan's Big Girl room. Do you want me to just send you the files via email? Oh...and I was just at PBK and the painted butterflies are on sale - from $29 to $19. They are the ones made out of feathers if you wanted more for Katie's walls - though everything looks perfect! Oh, and they have 2 events coming up for the kids. Let me know if you're interested!

  6. Great job on the big girl room. Love the collage and the butterflies on the wall.


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