Jun 8, 2011

Katie's First Haircut

Katie got her 1st haircut.  Finally!  Her hair took forever to grow in and we wanted it to be longer before her first snip.

Off we went to Rock Hair Scissors in the Edgebrook neighborhood on Devon and Caldwell.  Super cute kids' haircut place with everything in mind to keep them entertained.  Transportation shaped cars for the kiddies, cartoon of choice playing through the cut, gold fishies and juice provided and a lollipop and balloon given to child to take home.  Price for our cut was $25.00 plus tip.  More expensive than a Supercuts but so worth it for the experience.

Sadly Katie was not thrilled at all but it was still a ton of fun!

Here is the website if you are interested in checking this place out.  Rock Hair Scissors

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  1. Awww! She finally got a haircut!! The place looks really cool! Lots of things to keep kids occupied! She looks scared but I bet she tells all her friends at school about her haircut experience!!


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