Jul 28, 2011

Cheese Dome At A Steal

I see cheese domes all over the place. 

Pottery Barn has a fancy one for $69.  Tools come along too
so makes the cost not so bad.

Crate and Barrel for $29.

West Elm for $24.

See the theme?  Little costly but super cute.

Ready for the exciting part?  I got one from my favorite thrift store for $0.75.

No joke!

Yes it reads $1.50.  But it was half off day.  Cha-ching!  That is why I only paid a whopping $0.75.

I cleaned it all up and set it out on my dining table.

Doesn't end there.

More on this tomorrow.

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  1. Love this, I just enjoyed a mini Blue Bell light sun-dried tomato and basil chessee wedge with a couple of club crackers...how cute is that Love the bargains you found...:)

  2. I loooooove finding great deals on amazing items at thrift stores! Enjoying your blog!

  3. Nice to find your blog today. I can't believe you got it for that price!! Amazing. Here in Australia, we say 'op-shopping' (opportunity shops or what you might call Goodwill?) instead of thrifting but prices seem to be going up. Maybe because it is increasingly popular to hunt to second hand treasures! Certainly not many $0.75 bargains these days...

  4. I've come across a few of those when I've been out thrifting! But not for the deal you got! Love it!


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