Jul 29, 2011

Cloche Madness

I shared with you yesterday my new cheese dome.  So simple and classic.

When looking up info on cheese domes I came across the term cloche.  I had no idea what that was and never even heard of it before.

A glass cloche is a bell jar.  Developed by the French it is glass shaped into a bell and was used to cover a plant and protect it from frost.

So, instead of using a cheese dome for cheese or other food, I am inspired to use
mine as decoration. 

Others were inspired too and I found all kind of great examples online.

This idea is from Restoration Hardware.

Here are some from West Elm shown on Apartment Therapy. 

I LOVE the shells.

Now you know how I love wine.  Isn't this one a great idea?  Fill it up with wine corks. 

Glad I found it on the blog, Our Life In A Click.

And for my favorite...

I love the naturalness of this one.  So earthy.  Check out The Cellar Door Stories for the story behind this lovely one in making.

Now in no way am I the first to blog about cheese domes and cloches. 
This info is all over blogland. 

There are even cloche parties.  Crazy!

I had to show my appreciation though!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend. 

Again we have a ton going on so probably won't be back until next week!

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