Jul 20, 2011

Go ahead. Paint that ceiling!

WARNING:  I apologize in advance for the bad pics I am about to show you.  By this I mean the quality.  My poor old camera died on me and I'm using my iPhone at this time.  Until I can get enough money in my camera fund I am kind of screwed.  Whhhhaaaaaa.

So, now back to what's important.

Check out "Decorating Rules You Can Break" on Better Homes and Gardens. 
Follow the link.

Aww shucks.  The first rule is my fav and one I can say I broke in the bungalow. 
Several times.

Go ahead.  Paint that ceiling!  Really.  It is OK if it is not white, or the same color you painted the walls.  It is a rule that I agree can be broken and even should be!

Our kitchen ceiling and Bub's room are the safest but not just plain old white.  They're painted a shade we grew very fond of in the condo.

Color is Craft White from Valspar's Eddie Bauer line.  Nice thing is it's a creamy shade and adds more dimension than boring white.  It also matches very well with all different colors for the walls.

 But just wait.  The living room and dining room get a but more risky.   These ceilings were painted in Vanilla Bean again EB line.

The most dramatic of them all.  Mine and Mr's room.  I will spill the beans and admit I was a little scared when I first made my paint choices.  Would I like it?  Well, LOVe.  Like I said earlier, painting the ceiling is something you all should do.  This room is my reason why.

I do realize this is not for everyone.  But those of you who have thought about maybe painting that ceiling, go ahead be brave and do it.  I promise you won't regret it!

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  1. I love my painted ceiling! Your Dad wasn't sure about painting it a color other than white, but he loved it when it was finished. Of coarse, he may have loved it because he painted it for me.


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