Jul 14, 2011

Gone Striping

One of my early posts was about preparing to paint stripes on the kitchen wall.  I failed to show you.

I like them but have not been sold on this wall yet.  It is so big and just still blah.

The past owner had a kitchen table against it.  It took up way too much space.  I have a bad pic but it gives you an idea.

Buh bye table.  Not for us. 

Here we prepared the wall for new paint.  We used Ochre from the Eddie BauerValspar line.

For the stripes I put up Frog tape and painted them in Pecan also from Eddie Bauer.

I liked the Frog tape but to me it really wasn't any different than using the blue tape.

So, what do you think?  The Mr. said it looks like a racer stripe...

It needs more.  The stripes aren't enough for me. 

So, I have been busy in my garage working on something for it.  Remember when I went to the flea market and found these bad boys?

Well, I should have the refinish for you soon.  I can't wait!

Oh and hey peeps.  Don't forget about The Spotlight!  I need some of your projects to show off!

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  1. I think your right Jenny. It needs something more.Can't wait to see what you do.


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!