Jul 7, 2011

Have You Been to TJ Maxx Lately?

I am not a frequent shopper of TJ Maxx but have been noticing lots of bloggers talking about great finds they bought from there.   So, I had to go see for myself.   The last time I had been to one was years ago and I really didn't shop for home items.

Look at all the great things I saw on my recent trip.

Prettier planter options than Home Depot.  And reasonable prices!

I am not typically fond of such ornate things but loved this planter.  The turquoise color caught my eye.

More turquoise.  I LOVED this mail box.  It would be so nice as a piece for organizing something.  Breath.  I was not here to really shop....

I am always on the hunt for wire baskets.  This was the one (and only) object I could not pass up.  I bought a medium sized basket for only $5.99.  I am not a big fan of the liner but have a plan for the basket.  And another for the liner...

I thought this bird fruit holder was cute.  And birds are very in right now.

So many lanterns for very cheap.  Pottery Barn sells a ton but these were just a fraction of the cost.  I carried one around with me the whole time but decided I would be a good girl.  Boooooo.

More birds.  I thought this could be something nicely displayed on an outdoor table. 

Funky piece.  Totally modern.  Loved the yellow and what an interesting item.

I was amazed by the amount of dishes they had.  I could not get over these bowls.  They would be nice for setting out some treats during a festive party.

Furniture too?  Amazing.  And rustic pieces on the cheap.

Now these type of pillows are all over the web.  At TJ Maxx only $14.99.  Score!  And very cute designs.

Oh la la!  Je t'aime!

Just maybe I've inspired you too.  I for sure will be back to get more!


  1. I was in Marshall's the other day wishing I'd had my camera so I could do a post just like this!! It's amazing the things they have that you see all over the blogs by DIYers! I love that basket and may just have to go snag one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. TJ's, Marshall's and Homegoods are "where it's at" girl! Tuesday Morning is pretty good too if you have one nearby! I am suddenly feeling the need to go shopping after reading your post! ;)


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