Jul 13, 2011

Have you met our doggie, Kona?

Yep, I have realized I've not talked at all about Kona.  Slacker.

Kona is a silky terrier and turning 4 on July 17th.  Some words to describe her.  Crazy.   Loud.    Loves to lick.  Loves to bark.  Lovable.

Meet our crazy little doggie.

As a pup...aww...

Kona, today...

It's so funny.  When you talk to Kona she tilts her head to the side like ske is actually listening and understanding you.  I always crack up.

That cute little tail.

I called her name and got the head tilt.  Ha!

Hehe.  That crazy, little Kona.  We love her!

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