Jul 27, 2011

Help A Doggie Out!

My friend Paulina got her beloved Harry from Chicago Canine Rescue
a year and a half ago.

Isn't Harry a cutie?

He and Kona are friends but odd ones.  They walk so well together but then when not walking we have to keep them on leases to avoid fights.  Harry teases Kona to get her to play but Kona wants nothing to do with playing.  We get a kick though out of watching Harry run in circles and Kona chasing him.

If you are a local in Chicago please go and take the time to help out Chicago Canine Rescue.  They need volunteers to come in and help walk the doggies.  You can visit them between 9:30 am and 7:00 pm, bring a photo ID and you must be at least 18.

Here is their website for more info.

There are also many other ways listed that you can help them out.

Now, one thing I love about Paulina is that she always is the first to help out in any way she can.  On her day off yesterday she and her fiance, Mario took time out of their busy lives and went over to help.

They helped out a cutie named Bumblebee.

Please try and help in any way you can and pass the info on.  You will feel good
about what you've done!

Thanks for reading!

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