Jul 6, 2011

Key Shadow Box

When we moved into the house we found original interior door keys.  I was thrilled.  People pay lots o' money for old keys to use in their home and here we have originals to the bungalow.  Sweet!

I knew from the moment I saw them I wanted to put them on display.  And since they are a piece of history belonging to the bungalow they would be going right up and center.  Displayed in the front hall for our guests to see when coming in.

I bought a shadow box from Michaels, hung the keys using pins and added our last name using the tags that the keys were on.

Even tho I liked how it turned out I was not 100% in love.  So, I've redone it.

I added decorative paper I had on hand as a background.

Rehung the keys and tags.

Framed it up.


Now I LOVe!  The paper really broke up all that black.

What do you think?  Does it look better?  Please be honest!

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  1. Looks beautiful! I LOVE it! What a neat idea. And the history behind it is what makes it so special and treasured to your family.

  2. No doubt about it. I love the way you did it over. Your way too talented! I wish I could do the things that you do.

  3. I love it! I have totally been eyeing the vintage keys Pottery Barn sells.


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