Aug 2, 2011

Being Preppy

Been busy working on a project.

Being preppy...

Get it?

Prepping my flea market windows to hang in the bungalow.

I am going to let the pics speak the words about this one...

Hmm.  Now what? 


Was a little scared about glass flying at me. 

So, don't do this at home without glasses.  Be safe.

Moved forward and broke it up.  Glass that is.

Now to sanding and more prep.


It wasn't all that bad and I can't wait to show you them
all finished up and hanging in the bungalow.

 Even though I was out in the garage I had a little break all to myself too.

Now just waiting for Nick to get the brackets installed and windows hung...

Please stay tuned.

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  1. Love this..putting in work ...GIRL POWER..This looked like fun...(cover the glass with a a sheet and then break it :) and always wear your safety goggles)!!...Cant wait to see how they look :D


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