Aug 17, 2011

Buying a new toy...a camera!

Whoop whooop!  I am super duper excited.  I'm getting a new toy.  Tool of the trade.  Gift for myself the fam.  Call it what you want but I am getting something new!

A brand spankin new C-A-M-E-R-A!!!

Last month my old, tired one broke on me.  It was a Sony Cyber-shot I got a billion years ago.  OK maybe like 5 years ago but it felt that old and dingy.

It had been working OK for Bungalov but I definitely was not getting all the pretty pics I see on all my favorite blogs.  One tip another blogger told me is that the pics you show are what make a world of a difference.  I could not agree more.  Whenever I click on a blog that has dull pics I click right off.  Sorry but it is the truth...Those that have amazing pics are eye catching and quickly draw me in.  Now I don't think my pics have been all that bad (I hope you don't think so either...) but I knew they could be so much better.  And they will be!  Very soon!

Now this is where the difficulty comes in.  Dun dun dun.

I am by no means technical, familiar with cameras or knew what I wanted.  Lucky for me my bestie is a photographer and sells camera equipment.  Remember Paulina?  Yep!  What would I do without her?  I am so greatful she was willing to share her time and wealth of knowledge with me.  Thank you P!

She recommended several great options.

I thought I would want one that is small and still takes great pics.  Paulina right away told me about the Canon S95.  Fits right in the pocket and used by many pro's.

Price of the S95 was great too!  I totally was about to buy this one but felt I wanted more.  I see so many bloggers using those fancy cameras but I knew the cost would be higher and I would need some MAJOR help learning how to use one.  I could get a tutorial later, tho.  I am smart after all...I could figure it out.  So now I needed more options and to see what the prices were.  Uhh ohh!

Up to bat was a DSLR option.  Now for one who knows NOTHING about photography this meant zilch to me.  I told Paulina how I hated that the flash on the Cyber-shot always took forever and by time I snapped my pic it felt like eternity.  She told me how the DSLR's are much quicker and would ease that pain.

For consideration:

The  Nikon D3100

Another great option. 

I read the reviews and really liked what info I was getting.  I was about to order this cool gal up and was stopped by Nick.  He was gaining interest in the camera shopping.  He knew his cousin had a Canon and loved it.  Oh, OK.  Paulina recommended several Canon DSLR's for me too but I didn't think he would be happy with me spending so much.  Then he told me, "Well, Jen if we are going to invest in one we should go ahead and get a good one and not settle."  Now not that the others were bad.  As I said I liked them and even was on the verge of getting the other two at one point.

But now we were considering the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, T2i and T3i.  We landed on the
Canon EOS Rebel T2i. 

It has been ordered and now I am waiting for the big day.  It's arrival!!!

I was so excited too when right after I ordered it I was randlonly looking through an ad of magazine subscriptions and on a photography mag was my new camera with the tagline "Best DSLR".  Now I know this is a matter of opinion and preference and there are way better cameras but to me it felt like it was meant to be!

Did I make a good choice? 

What are you using?


  1. My first camera (2006) was a Rebel Xt and look at me now. LOL! :) Great choice!!! Kit with two lenses? if so, even better. All you need now is just another Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens ($100) and you are all set. I know Paulina will teach all you need to know to make best use of your new toys. The 50mm will be your new bff for detail shots of all the pretty little treasures you find.

  2. that's the camera i want! i am hoping to get one sometime this year. so happy for you that you are getting a new camera, hope it arrives soon!

  3. Good choice! I'm sure you're going to love it! Can't wait to see the pics taken with the new camera!

  4. THanks for stopping by my blog! I started out on the Rebel, and LOVED it! My tip for you. . . read your manual from cover to cover and try each thing as you read. Then, do that again! I also read a lot of tutorials on the internet and experiment with shots as I read along. You're going to have so much fun! Pretty soon you'll know all the lingo.

  5. Lucky!!!!! I am in the process of saving for a new camera as we speak. I'm probably going to go with a Nikon. I've read great things about the Canon DSLRs. Can't wait to see all of your new pictures! I'll try not to be too jealous. :)


  6. I use a Nikon! Its been my savior as far as my blogging is concerned.Just found your blog very cute! I am your newest follower. I would love it if you would stop by my lil part of blog world and follow if you so desire.See you around I am off to check out past post.

  7. Hi, Jen. I've so enjoyed my visit to your bungalov! I love my bungalow, too. And, while property mangament is your day job... my Old Girls(read OLD multifamily properties in my own neighborhood) are my love (I'd trade off the management if I could find someone to love them like I do). I will be following along to see your verdict on your new toy! ;) blessings ~ tanna


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