Aug 16, 2011

My Sister's France Adventure

I am back!!!!  Phew.  I wasn't feeling too great last week  :( 
I'm feeling much better, tho!

So, today's scoop. 

My sister was super lucky and spent a month in France this summer.  She studied abroad and took classes in Grenoble.


She also visited Annecy, Paris and took a long weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Gosh, what I would do to visit Europe.  Probably a lot!  That is one thing I never attempted in my 20's and pre-Bub.  In college I took architecture and art history classes and would dream about how incredible it would be to see it all up close.  It is amazing to me how it is all so in tact and I am sure breathtaking to see in person rather than on pages of a book.

Check out some of the sights my sister got to enjoy.

The whole family was so excited when she returned and we could not wait to hear
all about her adventure.

We made her some cupcakes and she showered us with so many cool gifts.

Bub got a scarf and the most adorable dress I have ever seen.  Ma petite!

Tres chic!

And a little bear from Ireland. (Plus many other things)

I got some yummy bottles of wine and pretty pots.  Boy does my sister know me well...She made sure to get me something special for the bungalow.

We are so glad to have my sister back and Bub sure loves her Auntie!

Au revoir!

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