Sep 14, 2011

Hello Fall!

In Chicago today sure feels like a fall day.  It may not officially be here but we can start enjoying the new upcoming season.

60 degree temps. 


I even see some trees with a little yellow in their leaves.  Perhaps the beginning
of them turning.

Here are my thoughts of autumn time.

Fall tones for clothes.

Cozy sweaters.

Jeans.  And flare is back :)


Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Autumn decor.

Halloween and trick or treating!

Apple picking.

Visit a pumpkin patch.

If you are looking for some fall time fun you really should check out the Kuipers Family Farm.  They are in Maple Park, IL 12 miles west of Geneva.

I have never been but highly considering to go this year.  They have apple picking, pumpkin patch, hayrides, corn maze, animals and soooo much more.  It really looks like a fun place to go.

Have yourself a happy "fall" day!


  1. About 3 years ago we found Kuipers family farm. We LOVED it. We went back the next year... loved it again. Then- last year we planned a family day and they completely changed it- not in a good way. Mabye if you catch a slow day (highly unlikely) you will like it but they over-commericalized it big time. Super long lines for the apple picking- like 1-2 hours. The little shop was now expanded and hard to navigate. We ended up doing nothing there and found a smaller farm near us. Just a heads up- expect LOTS of crowds!

    But I second you on the fall stuff- esp the pumpkin spice latte. Had my first one today....

  2. Thank you for sharing that info. That is very good to know!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!