Oct 20, 2011

Adventures at the Na-Da Farm Event

October 7th I adventured to the Na-Da Farm Event.  I heard lots of great things about the one held this past May and HAD to go check it out.

I was in LOVe from the moment I walked in.

Great booths and lots of beautiful things for sale.

Very inspiring!
Na-Da Farm Event is hosted by Anne Marie of na.da farm life and with the help of her family does one heck of a job.  I cannot tell you enough how incredible this event was!!!
Here we go.  
Walking in with anticipation.

This shop belonged to Tattered Tiques who also has a shop in Lake Barrington.  Day trip maybe?

For more info check out their blog Tattered Tiques.

Heading our way into the jaw dropping, stunning, magical, LOVely barn.  
Really there are not enough words to describe what I encountered.  
I was in awe.

Isn't this vintage tea cup display LOVely???

Classes were offered throughout the event too.   We stood and watched this one in progress.  The scene was so peaceful and beautiful.

Bub found something she LOVed too...tutu's.

My new friend, Stacey @ A Sort of Fairytale had a booth at the farm.

She did an awesome job and the person who shared this event's info with me.

You have to check out her booth here Maggie Jane's Vintage.

I feel so lucky I had the chance to make it to the Na-Da Farm Event.  
I cannot wait until the next one.


  1. The barn looked really cool.

  2. What a great event! I love the tea cup display! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments. Have a good weekend!

  3. Looks like a great event.. might have to hit the next one!

  4. The event truly looked magical at night. Love the hinged windows with the candles, and so glad you captured a picture of Jeanne in the corn crib teaching her class. Had not seen that one before. Loved the Chicago Paper sign. Don't remember seeing that on Saturday.

  5. hi!! may I say I absolutely love your pictures.......I am so glad you liked your time at the sale...so very glad! did you end up purchasing that cute tutu??

    make sure you say hello next time okay?


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!