Oct 13, 2011

LOVely Sedona Part 1: The Wedding

The Mr. and I visited Sedona, Arizona recently.  We had an amazing time and celebrated our friends' wedding.

It is AMAZING in Sedona. 

Breathtaking views.  The air smelled so fresh.  Temperature warm.  People friendly.

I was also lucky to take pictures at the wedding for our friends.  Gave me lots of practice!!!  I was not their photographer but a friend with a great camera :)

Here is to our FUN trip and GREAT time with friends. 

Thank you to the two of you for having us share your special day with you.


  1. They both look so great! It looks like it was a lot of fun! Congrats to them :)

  2. Thank you Jen for coming and sharing in our day! And thanks for all the great pictures you took! LOVe ya! :)


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!