Oct 17, 2011

LOVely Sedona Part 2: Good Times

In Sedona, the Mr. and I took some time to ourselves and enjoyed the sights.
So lucky for us Arizona has In-N-Out Burger.  A favorite part of our time living in Cali years ago.  
We made a pit stop and got ourselves some yummy grub.

 Driving into Sedona seeing the mountains was AMAZING.  The red rocks were gorgeous.  Chicago should really consider getting some.

Taking a scenic photo.

Checked out a shop selling local artist pieces and antiques.  Tons of cool things!

For sale were these yummy smelling dried chili peppers to hang.
And of course I right away spotted the heart shaped one :)

Mr. and I having a great time at our friends' wedding.

Catching some time with the bride.

A super fun part of the trip was going to rock slide. 
What's that?  It's a naturally formed rock water slide.
Now I am not a risk taker and rarely go in water.  Especially if the water is freezing, which it was...
  But...I took the plunge and did it.  I could NOT pass this experience up.  I LOVed every second.

Here's me going down...weeeeee!

And the Mr.

We had a blast on our trip to Sedona and hope to someday go back.

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  1. i love sedona! but more so, i love In N Out Burger...i wish they would put one in Chicago!
    you look so pretty in your red dress...love it!!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!