Nov 11, 2011


You say yellow, I say H-E-L-L-O.  
I've been so busy vegging out.  Remember?  I seriously was so tired after Kane County this past weekend.  All summer I'd been running on little sleep.  Hitting the sack each night about 1 am, going to work, family time, BungaLOV, projects.  I get asked a lot how I do it.  I really have no clue.  Lots of vitamins I, really it is all about enjoying what I am doing.  I feel so balanced right now and excited about everything going on in my life.  The sleep the past couple days & nights has helped me and I am ready to get back on track.
So, I've started to work on my cloffice.
Say what again?
Closet + office = cloffice
clever, huh?

I need to get all my things out of our 1st floor spare room and into a more permanent home.  Those things are all my BungaLOV shop items, treasures and supplies.  They have taken over!!!  Yikes....for someone highly organized it has been hard to look at.  That is why the door is closed most often.

So, the bungalow's guest room has an unused closet and it will become my own little office and place for inventory.

Get cloffice now?  It's like all those celebrity couple nicknames.  
How original...I know.

First step is to get the closet prepped and painted.  I chose Mark Twain House Yellow by Valspar.

Taped it up

and slapped the paint on.


 Next up?  I'm gonna hit up IKEA to look for organization pieces.
I have lots of ideas and just hope it turns out how I plan.
Have a super day!

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