Nov 1, 2011

Shop Is Now OPEN!!!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween.  We had a spooktacular time!  I should have some pics up very soon!
I am super EXCITED  to announce that BungaLOV's shop on Etsy is now officially open for business.  Whoop, whoop!
It has been such a long road to get to this point but when I published my items last night it was very bitter sweet for me.  I couldn't stop looking at my computer screen.  So cheesy but I've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this.  I never thought I could have my own little business and here I am.  I feel like I've accomplished so much so far with my little BungaLOV.  And without all you and your support it wouldn't of been possible.  I am really so blessed for
each one of YOU!
Enough mushy stuff...back to the deets!  If you click on the shopping cart above you can easily go on over to see what I've listed so far.  I also have a link on my sidebar.  So no excuses!  Come on by and check it out.
Right now I have 10 items up for sale but will be adding many more over the next week.  I seriously have a huge stash of sooooooo many goodies!!!  The Mr. would love if I can clear some out so please buy, buy, buy!!!

Oh! You can click here too! Ha. Really no excuses now.  Please be aware too that I will have the shop closed this weekend!  I will share why tomorrow :)  If you see something you like you might want to consider buying now, tho, cause it might be sold while the shop is closed.  That is a small hint of what I will be up to!

Hope you LOVe the shop and have a fabulous day!



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  1. Way to go Jen! That's SO awesome! And I must say, your shop graphics look fantastic! lol!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!