Jan 30, 2012

DIY Ideas at Country Living

Saw a great piece on Country Living.  DIY and upcycled ideas.
LOVe them!
Check it out at Country Living Upcycled and DIY Ideas.
Here are some of my fav's.

 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I have been wanting to give this project a shot for ages.  May need to try it out for my next flea market show.  I first saw this on a blog I LOVe reading and she sells all kinds of them.  Check it out at
Post Road Vintage.

 Crate Shelves
I have done this one in the bungalow.  I'll have to share it with you all another day.  For now, tho, we will LOVe this one.  Crates are such a great find and there are all sorts of cool ones.  I have several throughout the bungalow for storage too and I even use them as props for my flea market shows.  Nope I don't sell them cause I can't part with them.

Ruler Table
What a fun idea.  Rulers are items you can find like crazy at flea markets.  I love the character it adds to an old table.  Way to add some pizazz...

Framed Flash Cards
DIY Art.  That is what I LOVe about this one.  There are endless things you can use to make art for your home.  Another thing I have done for the bungalow and will NEED to share with you all another day.
Well happy reading and hope you're having a super day!!!

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  1. Oooh I LOVE the ball jar ideas! You can never have too many of those!


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