Feb 28, 2012

Bang it Out

Bub got some bangs this weekend.  This is her first time.

I had cut our pup, Kona's bangs and Bub wanted some too.  She begged and begged all
weekend.  So, I gave in...

This is how most of the shots Bub gave me looked.  She was not excited with taking pictures for me.

Better of the shots.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Feb 24, 2012

Crate on the Wall

 Hi everyone!  So glad the weekend is here.  Long week at work and ready for sleepy time.  19 weeks along the way and still tired but otherwise doing OK.  Starting to feel the baby really move around so it's getting more exciting everyday!

I want to share with you all my crate on the wall.  Been wanting to for so long and actually this bad boy went up at the start of fall time. 

Recently if you remember I also shared an upcycle idea from Country Living about using an old crate for shelving.  Again I slacked when I was trying to get back on that old bike but hopefully I can start getting my motivation flowing.  I really thought I had...

My fun 7-Up crate was a find at the Grayslake flea market.  Spent a whooping $5.

Here she is in all her glory and pre-hung.  I was impressed too on how little I had to clean this one.

Now I was honest that I slacked.  Please excuse my autumn decor.

All the little treasures displayed are some antique store finds that I thought were fun and quirky.

My favorite piece is this sweet egg holder.

Well, off today to run some errands.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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