Apr 4, 2012

Playset To Come

We done and did it.  We ordered Bub's 4th birthday present.

Yes we are a little early since her big day is in May but we need some time to get it all put together.  Or should I say the husband needs the time...and already the craziness of busy weekends are upon our family in a couple weeks.  Literally every weekend filled with something going on.  Yikes!!!  I am sure you all know how that is.

Bub has been wanting a playset for our yard and we found one that we liked and fit our budget.  Oh and most importantly it fits our OK sized Chicago backyard.  We will still have plenty of room for some other backyard projects too.
It did take some time searching around but we settled on the Congo Outing III from
Gorilla Playsets.

We bought our set through Home Depot.  It is only available online but shipping was included.  The base price was higher than other retailers but with the free shipping it ended up being a great price. 
We paid $964.18.
Toys R Us wanted $1,004.99 before tax.
Meijer wanted $1,168.74 after tax.
There was a retailer, Willygoat.com who had a lower price but I am always skeptical of buying something from a company I am not familiar with.  I would much rather spend a little more for the piece of mind I will actually receive what I bought.
We should get our new set in about a week and a half.  The plan is to  have it up and ready to play on for Bub's birthday.
I am really glad we chose this set but it was a tough decision.  We were also in love with their Blue Ridge Chateau II set.  So pretty and the wood roof would of been way better!
It was slightly bigger, though, and would of been about another $500-$600. 
I can't wait to show you all how ours looks after it is all up!