Aug 27, 2012

Baby Annie's Nursery

I'm excited to show you all baby Annie's nursery.
It was just 100% finished up this past Saturday.  So funny how the second time around you are not on your game as you are the first.  At least I wasn't.  With Bub's nursery I had it ready a month before she arrived.  Decorating all done, clothes all washed and hung, diapers ready to be used.  With Annie I literally was pushed daily by my sister to even get started.  That no 
energy thing left me with no desire.
I first envisioned Annie's nursery with an ocean theme.  I really don't like thing's too themey but I used the ocean as inspiration.  I saw the room being a seafoam green/blue, a seashell mobile hanging over the crib, yellow accents inspired by the sun.
Need a refresher?  Check out my post here about all that.
Nursery Inspiration 
Well, it turned out much different.
The paint color was the bump in the road for me.  I bought way too samples of paint and could not for the life of me LOVe one.  None were the perfect shade of seafoam and the light in the room made them feel so wrong.  Here is an awful shot of a few of the colors on the wall, which really shows how the lighting in Annie's room is terrible.  And yes I know photography pros.  If I knew how to use my fancy camera better I could of got the perfect pic.  Well sorry friends I only know how to use my camera in auto.  Practice is something I plan on getting to.
So, the color.  Seafoam was out and the lightest shade of a peachy pink was now in.  Color name is Apple Blossom from Ace Hardware.  I'm usually not a pink girl but I LOVed this one and it became my take off point.
Light peachy pink walls, nature theme and yellow/aqua accents was the answer.

    Here's the breakdown of the goods for you:
    Wall Color - Apple Blossom from Ace Hardware
    Ceiling Color - Craft White from the Valspar Eddie Bauer Line at Lowes
    Crib - Target
    Sun Art Above Bed - DIY Project
    Love Sign Above Window - DIY Project
    Crib Sheet, Bed Skirt & Changing Pad Cover - Land of Nod
    Bumper - Breathable Style from Target
    Owl Pillow - Home Goods
    Bird Hanging Above Crib - Pottery Barn Kids
    Aqua Rug - Land of Nod
    Book Ledges - Land of Nod
    Aqua Bird Art - DIY Project
    Chair - IKEA
    Yellow Pillow - Target
    Dresser - Hand Me Down From My Mom 
    White Lamp - Kane County Flea Market
    Shelf Above Dresser - Kane County Flea Market
    "L" Art - DIY Project
    Birdhouse - Art Project Done by Bub
    Bud Vases - Thrift Store
    Flowers in Bud Vases - Upcycled Items Bought from What Knots Shop
    Yellow Bird Figurine - What Knots Shop
    Bookcase - IKEA
    Wicker Baskets on Bookcase - IKEA
    Yellow Wire Baskets - Bought from Kane County Flea Market & Spray Painted Yellow
    Yellow Planter Box Being Used as a Diaper Holder - Bought from Kane County Flea Market & Spray Painted Yellow
    Owl Cookie Jar - My Sister's from Anthropologie (Just borrowing for now...)
    Yellow Wall Flowers Hanging Above Bookcase - Pottery Barn Kids
    Grey Toy Bin - Land of Nod

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