Aug 23, 2012

New Items in Shop

Been a little while but there are new items in the BungaLov shop.

Come on by and check them out!!!  Pretty please.  With sugar on top...

There are several ways you can stop on by.

One.  Click the link below.

BungaLov's Etsy Shop

Two.  Click the Etsy Shop link on the right side of the blog.

Three.  Click the pretty pink shopping cart icon and I have another link to Etsy there too.

Four.  Do it the old fashioned way and type BungaLov's address in your browser.

www (dot) etsy (dot) com (forward slash) shop (forward slash) bungalov 

The new items are all ones I've had but never got around to listing them.  Oldies but goodies!  I have more too and will put them up very soon.  Pinkie swear!  Gotta take some pics in between taking care of the new babe.

Best part is I've got around to thrifting again and hit up several shops yesterday.  I found a few LOVely items but not as many as I hoped.  Especially since I drove the city for hours and hit numerous thrift shops.  I at least got to enjoy some alone time and even had a McDonald's coke.  Have you ever noticed how theirs taste so different from everywhere else?  I LOVe it.
My absolute fav!

Well here's a sneak peak of my new items.  Hope you have a LOVely day!  I plan to :)

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