Sep 28, 2012

Simple Fall Arrangement

Fall has officially arrived!!!
I put up some fall decor in our dining room.  Really the only place I have right now where it won't be touched by the little ones.
Mine is very simple but that is how I like it.  Nothing over the top.  I like it to feel real and not a "staged" vignette.

Don't those apples look delicious?  They are from our weekend trip apple picking.  Sad thing was we couldn't pick them off the tree since we had a drought this year.  We had to get the kid pics with them pretending to pick some off the tree.  That's another story...
So, what do think about my Fall decor?  I am very happy with it.  It fits in with my PB style and everything I used were things I already had on hand or upcycled.
Well, hope you have a happy Wednesday! 

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What Happened To My Cloffice?

The BIG question is...what ever happened to my cloffice I started a long while ago...
L.I.F.E happened.
I got pregnant and became nonexistent.
 My sister graduated college and moved into our guest room, which is where my cloffice is. I didn't want to disturb her with my crazy projects. Especially since she has to deal with them in all other areas of the bungalow...
 So, I should start back from the beginning.
This is where I first talked about my cloffice.
My Cloffice Post
And now here she is in all her glory!
The main purpose of my cloffice is to store my shop items and craft supplies.  But of course in a prettier way than just stuffing it all in there.

Got some wire wracks from Home Depot and The Mr. cut and installed them for me.
Such a nice guy :)  He gets stuck with this stuff quite often...
Simple white shelves from IKEA to change it up and ones that are very affordable.
Disclaimer: The Mr. hates IKEA so he put these up with much distaste...
I got this fun storage rack system from IKEA too. It was in the kitchen section but how cute to store my ribbon and other crafting supplies.
 And for another nifty IKEA storage solution.  I really can get a lot of milk glass pieces in this one.
Oh another disclaimer too: I said The Mr. hates IKEA but not me...
And lots of fun little details.
A sweet stepping stool I was planning on selling in my flea market booth but not so sure anymore...I LOVe its color and I had to do nothing to it!  This is something I was warned about when selling items.  It is sometimes hard to give them up!
Well, that's all folks!

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Sep 24, 2012

Adding A Little Detail

I needed to do something with the roman shade in Annie's room.

Just way too boring!!!
So, I added a little detail to it.
I bought some pom pom ribbon from Joann Fabrics and hot glued it to the shade.  Not a lot, though, because I wanted it to feel simple and not over stated.
Like this one I found on Pinterest.
The best part was it only cost me $4.40 to do this.

I think this simple addition is just perfect!

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