Oct 31, 2012

My New AWESOME Winter Coat

I've had my eye on this Kristen Blake coat ever since I saw in on Pinterest a month ago.
Well, this lucky girl got herself one!!!
Thanks to The Mr. for my LOVely birthday gift.

Oct 25, 2012

My LOVely Vintage Plates

Aren't vintage plates so pretty?
I think so and use them a lot.  You should too.
Please excuse my absence if it becomes obscene again.  No I am not pregnant this time...just getting ready for the Kane County November show. 
I've been a painting bee and chicken wire queen.  I am so excited for my pieces this show and feel as I do more I grow more and more.  I know what things I need to do and those I just need to skip.  It is like camping for the Mr. and I.  We used to talk about how we would get better each and every time! 

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Oct 19, 2012

Fun with Scrabble

Had a little fun with scrabble.
And not in the normal way.
I am heading to the Na Da Farm Event tonight and super excited to see all the hard work.
Here is a link to the event info.
Na Da Farm

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Oct 18, 2012

Pretty in CORAL

My first furniture sale was this pretty night stand.
Instead of "Pretty in Pink" she is "Pretty in Coral". 
I found this gem at the Goodwill and when I saw her she was screaming at me to take her home.
I LOVed the style of her.  The bamboo legs.  That hardware!  Owweee!
Here she is before.
Oh yes, I've been painting in my living room...It's been a little too chilly to work in the garage.  I know I am driving The Mr. crazy...
Mr. if you are reading this I LOVe you!!!
And here are more after shots showing off her beauty.
I plan on painting more pieces in this color.  It really had a lot of lookers at the flea market and sold my first day there!
Would you buy a coral piece?
UPDATE:  A nice reader reminded me I did not include my color info.  Sorry everyone!
The color used was Tropical Coral from Olympic and made into homemade chalk paint.  The color is actually much brighter in the can but toned down when turned into the chalk paint.  Here is how I mix my Chalk Paint Recipe.

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Oct 15, 2012

LOVe My Candle Holder

Hey everyone!
An item I've made for my flea market booth are these fun candle holders.
I used another piece of "real" barn wood from our family farm. 
And these super cute Jello tins I found at an estate sale.
Cute, right???
You know it.
Did you do anything exciting this weekend?
We went and met a sweet little girl Sedona.  Our friends just had a baby girl and she was the cutest little thing :)
Me and my sister also went out on the hunt for items in our flea market booth.  We found so many pieces that we are super excited about!

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