Oct 25, 2012

My LOVely Vintage Plates

Aren't vintage plates so pretty?
I think so and use them a lot.  You should too.
Please excuse my absence if it becomes obscene again.  No I am not pregnant this time...just getting ready for the Kane County November show. 
I've been a painting bee and chicken wire queen.  I am so excited for my pieces this show and feel as I do more I grow more and more.  I know what things I need to do and those I just need to skip.  It is like camping for the Mr. and I.  We used to talk about how we would get better each and every time! 

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  1. I love vintage plates too, but I rarely use them to eat off, I get worried about lead poisoning. I know there is some test you can do to check them, have you tried it? I just found your lovely blog, and I'm now following!! =) Deanna


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