Oct 8, 2012

October Kane County Flea Market

The weekend's over and Kane County Flea Market is wrapped up for October.
My 3rd show and the best time for sure!!!  My sister joined me and so we have now officially embarked on this journey together.  It was awesome working with her and we complimented one another perfectly.  She is quite the sales girl and so good talking with all the people.  
I get so nervous...
Here's how Bungalov's booth looked.
The mirror sold so quickly.  We got a lot of compliments even with the SOLD sign on it!
Coral nightstand was a hit too and sold first day.  I was worried about the color but now I know I NEED to do more pieces in this sweet color.

Sold a lot of the clothes pins for our chicken wire windows and frames.

Many of our items were a hit.  They ALL did so well.  Yay!  The biggest seller was our chicken wire windows and frames.  SOLD OUT!!!  It made me so LOVed that my hard work and long nights paid off.
Now we get to go on the hunt for more treasures to sell and upcycle.  We even picked up some items while working the flea market.  That was the biggest bonus of there being the two of us.  One works while the other goes on the hunt.  I even had bought a wire holder for my stamped cards and it sold without even having any intention of selling it.  So funny how it happens.  I guess I have a good eye.  We did get a good laugh :)
We plan on returning to Kane County in November but Booth location details to come.  I really hope to not have to set up in the Sheep Barn again.  Ourselves and all our treasures were filled with dust all kicked up by the shoppers walking thru.  Literally from head to toe :(
To another great and tired time...

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  1. Your space looked amazing! Thank you for following me!

    1. Aww thanks Jacqueline. I am so glad I found your blog. Just the type I LOVe to read :)

  2. Replies
    1. Natty you are so kind! You are VERY ambitious yourself and such an inspiration to me. :)

  3. shows are so much work, and yet SO much fun, aren't they? you are lucky to have a partner to share the fun and the work load ;)
    looks like a really cute space!


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