Nov 27, 2012

My First Time To 3 French Hens

Remember I planned to go check out the 3 French Hens holiday show?
Well I did and LOVed it!!!  Cannot wait to go again.  Maybe even do a show myself next year...if they would have me of course :)
There were so many creative booths and gorgeous pieces for sale.  I was overwhelmed with all the inspiration.
It was a holiday wonderland.
It smelled of warm cider, the air was filled with holiday cheer and so many glittery LOVely decorations to scoop up.
The crowds were thick and energy high. 
I did not get a chance to get booth owner info as I was snapping pictures away.  I got caught up in the excitement.  Also, there were so many  people everywhere it was hard to tell where one booth started and one ended.

I LOVe my new Merry Christmas glitter ornament.
This booth here was my favorite.  I am so into all the plaid this year.  As is lots of others.
This wreath of theirs made it home with me too.  Totally matched my personal style.
Oh and yes I figured out my picture problem.  I had to pay for added storage.  It is what it is.

Nov 26, 2012

Did Someone Say Sale?

Hi there!

Hope you had a wonderful turkey day.

We sure did.  Can't wait to share that with you all.  It was busy, festive and I am still full!

In spirit of Cyber Monday, Bungalov has a SALE going on.

Come on by to the Etsy shop and get something nice for yourself or as a holiday gift.

Use the code "cyber15" and enjoy 15% off all items all day Monday.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Many great things have been added to the shop too!
I would post pics but unfortunately I seem to be at my photo limit with blogger  :( 
I have no clue what this means and have some research to do.  It is 12:38 am in the morning and I am just learning there is a limit.  I guess nothing really is free, huh?  I have to go to my day job in the morning so I will need to look into this after.  If you should know anything about this blogger limit and what I can do please, please, please let me know.  I would LOVe some help.

Nov 15, 2012

Excited For Three French Hens Holiday Market

My BIG plan for this weekend is to check out the 3 French Hens Holiday Market in Morris, IL.

I am SO excited!  I've heard many good things and after seeing lots of pics I cannot wait!!!

I first heard of the event after doing the October, Kane Country Flea Market.

Monica, the owner of Ruby Begonia's visited my booth and purchased a mirror I was selling. 

See it in the pic here.

It was such a beautiful mirror and how exciting would it be to find it at the market.

  Monica is also one of the founders of 3 French Hens.  Her pieces are amazing as is all the 3 ladies apart of 3 French Hens.  It is always so motivating and inspirational for me to see the accomplishments others have made.  It is such an energizing feeling.

Here are some pics from past 3 French Hens' markets.

3 French Hens

3 French Hens

3 French Hens


I will let you know how it goes and I will snap some pics for you all.

Nov 14, 2012


I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving next week.  Where has this year gone?  It came and already on the verge of ending!!!
I'm thankful for so much but most of all I am thankful of my sweet girls.
It's been such an amazing year and I cannot wait to see what is in store for 2013.
We welcomed our precious Annie into our lives this year.
Bub became the best big sister.  EVER!
She is so loving to Annie and always makes sure to take care of her sister.  I could not of
asked for anything better!
We LOVe every minute of watching Annie grow and our Bub get older.
It has been such a journey!
What are you thankful for? 

Nov 12, 2012

Retro Coral Telephone Tables

Hope you all had a good weekend.
Mine was fantastic since I got to enjoy the great weather we had in Chi-town.  Maybe the last one before the snow starts rolling in?  Gosh I hope not but I'm sure that is wishful thinking...
I had so many compliments on my Coral Night Stand that I decided to paint a pair of retro telephone tables in "Pretty in Coral".

Cute, right?
I painted them with homemade chalk paint using Tropical Coral from Olympic.  I wanted to add some unique character so I "dipped" the legs in white and white washed the sides.

I LOVe how they turned out!  They are so fun and will make such a statement in the lucky home they go to.  I have them listed for sale in my Etsy Shop or here.
These are how they looked before.
And some more after shots.

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Nov 7, 2012

New Shop Items

Hi Everyone!
So, feeling a lot better now that I've had a couple days since Kane County to re-energize.
My LOVely sister, Mandy, has been busy adding things to our Etsy shop.  Make sure you stop by and check them out.  Great things for holiday gifts and many more to come!!!
Here is a sneak peak at some!
Vintage Map Clothespins
One of our BIGGEST sellers.
Chalk Paint Chicken Wire Frames
Vintage Pin
Chalk Paint Retro Telephone Table
You can see more of this piece on my Shop link right here on the blog too!
Another color of our Chalk Paint Chicken Wire Frames.
Hand Stamped Note Cards
Vintage Holiday Brooch
We are so proud of our pieces and hope you're just as excited!