Nov 27, 2012

My First Time To 3 French Hens

Remember I planned to go check out the 3 French Hens holiday show?
Well I did and LOVed it!!!  Cannot wait to go again.  Maybe even do a show myself next year...if they would have me of course :)
There were so many creative booths and gorgeous pieces for sale.  I was overwhelmed with all the inspiration.
It was a holiday wonderland.
It smelled of warm cider, the air was filled with holiday cheer and so many glittery LOVely decorations to scoop up.
The crowds were thick and energy high. 
I did not get a chance to get booth owner info as I was snapping pictures away.  I got caught up in the excitement.  Also, there were so many  people everywhere it was hard to tell where one booth started and one ended.

I LOVe my new Merry Christmas glitter ornament.
This booth here was my favorite.  I am so into all the plaid this year.  As is lots of others.
This wreath of theirs made it home with me too.  Totally matched my personal style.
Oh and yes I figured out my picture problem.  I had to pay for added storage.  It is what it is.

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