Dec 28, 2012

Cozy Up

Hope you had yourself a very merry Christmas.
Ours was wonderful and as always crazy.  Lots of gifts everywhere!  Paper flying around as we all excitedly opened up our presents.
Sadly our little Annie has not been feeling so well.  She has a bout of bronchitis.  Not the best first Christmas but she still gave us lots of happy smiles and seemed to enjoy it all.
One of my fav gifts this year was a cowl from my sister.  Guess that was a hint I cannot steal hers anymore :)
For some reason it makes me think of the movie The Holiday.  Especially when Cameron Diaz is all cozy lounging in Kate Winslet's house.
I seriously LOVe that movie!!!
Well time for me to cozy it up some and enjoy the holiday season a bit more before all the decor comes down on New Years.
My cowl scarf is from H&M.  I looked online to list a link but I don't see mine on their site. 
I checked out Etsy and right away found this one here that I LOVed and thought had a very similar feel.
If you're interested check it out from Peony Knits here.
Yep that is me indulging myself in Miss Mustard Seed's Inspired You.  Another Xmas fav for me.

Don't hate!

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