Dec 12, 2012

Holiday Cards Done? Check!

I LOVe this time of year but not some of the tasks that come along.  Holiday cards are always SO much work and every year I wait until the very last minute to get them done.  ALWAYS.
Not this year friends.  We took a family pic on Thanksgiving and I already have the cards sent out.  Phew.  Not a slacker this year!  I was even impressed with myself.
Now for the picture taking part.  NOT so easy.  Ugh.  A major challenge trying to get a good pic with four of us.  Even harder since that included a 4 month and 4 year old.  It was also super cold outside and we took the pics with no coats.  Don't let some of the pics deceive either.  It looks nicer outside than it really was...This is when I miss that wonderful California weather we had when we lived there after college...sigh.
A big thanks to my sis for being the photog again.  Couldn't have these shots without ya!
These not so good ones crack me up.  The bloopers of that day!
And the pic that made the cut?  Well, guess you'll have to wait and see!!!
Oh!  Make sure you go by and visit Story of My Life.  My "Merry" banner is being featured and you can see how another Jenni's holiday card came out!  (Those who call me Jenni know I only go by Jenni with an "I" of course!)  

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  1. Jen...seriously loving your oldest daughter at the moment...she's hilarious! Can't wait to see which one made the cut!


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