Dec 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

Do you ever have that night when you are up endlessly and just think away???
I do all the time.  I get sleep.  Really!?!?  Not as much as I'd like of course.  But I sleep.  Too often though it takes me forever to dose off into dream land.
I lie awake thinking away, worrying, and rummaging through everything I need to do.  I'm a perfectionist so my rummaging goes on and on...
Here is what my mind raced through last night...
I need to get to Target and get some groceries.  (Pretty sad that my 4 year old is telling me we need groceries...) (Just so you know I'm at Target about 3-5 times per week (Yeah I'm a junkie) so even sadder that I have zero food in the bungalow right now!  Unless random cans and boxes of food counts...) (I do have formula and cereal for Annie so at least she is taken care of, right???)
Oh no I think I forgot to shut off my heater at work!  Oh wait I did.  Umm maybe I didn't!!!!  OK retrace your steps, Jen.  Did I?  Sigh.  I really can't remember.  Probably did, though.  I worry about this all the time and it is always off when I get to work.  So stop worrying about this for the billionth time!
Ugh I need my inhaler.  Oh too lazy to go and get it.  But I can't breath so well right now.  OK seriously???  Stop thinking about it.  OK I'm going to get it. (I get up and get it) (Reluctantly)
Which thinking of health, that stupid doctor.  Why the heck can't they call me yet with my CT results.  I've been waiting like two weeks now (OK only 4 days) but I just want to know that I have lung cancer already so I can get on with my treatments. (FYI - I do not know that I have this and I am a self proclaimed hypochondriac) (Don't laugh.  I'm serious.)
WOW I cannot believe Annie is 4 months old. (I am getting old (sigh)...)  Oh I need to take her 4 month pic! Especially since I didn't get to the one I needed to do for her 3 month photo.  Yeah thanks sis for reminding me over and over about this one.  Little miss perfect!  :)
I really need to get on with my Xmas shopping.  Nobody is going to have anything under the tree for them. Stop waiting until the last minute to get it all done.  Why can't I be like my perfect sister and have my nice list ready for what I am going to buy for everyone.  Hate her...not really...just mad that I am not as good with this as she is...I'll just have to steal the ideas she has on her list...Ha!  Take that!
Oh darn I should of checked my Etsy shop once more before bed.  Oh well.  I'll just check it in the morning.  I really should of put more things up for sale on it.  I am so tired, though.  I need to, though.  Maybe this weekend.  No, I really need to add some tomorrow.  Actually I should really start painting all that furniture in my garage.  The poor Mr.  I know he is probably strangling me in his mind everyday.  Poor man has no space to himself.  At least he has us, though, right???  Umm I'm not so sure that makes him feel better about it....
 Oh it really goes on and on and this is just the stuff I am OK with admitting...
Well hope my random thoughts make you feel better about yours.  Or at least lets you in on my hidden craziness!
LOVe you all!  Thanks for listening :)


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