Jan 23, 2013

Blog News

OK Peeps. 

I am so excited to finally share some news I've been keeping under wraps. 

I've been working on a new blog design for the last couple months and we are almost there.  EEEKKK!  I am so giddy with excitement.  It looks AWESOME and reflects me so well. Savannah at Maiedae has been working with me and she's been so patient and helpful. 

This process has been a long one.  It took me forever to finally find someone I liked and felt would do the design I'd been yearning.  I searched endlessly for a designer that I thought really captured the look I was going for.  It is so overwhelming how many designers there are out there and how many different looks you can go for.  You get lost in it all.

I first started by looking for blogs and websites that I liked the design of.  Basically the "look" I wanted to achieve.

Here are some of my fav's.

Sadie Olive

Three Pennies

Schoolhouse Electric


Next I started finding out who the designer was of blogs that caught my eye.  When I came across Maiedae, I knew.  Just look at their site and portfolio.  It reflects the style I was looking for to a "T".

It could not have been any better.  Seriously!  I cannot tell you how many other designers I sought and just never contacted them because they were not 100% for me.  When I found Maidae's site there wasn't even a question in my mind.  I found what I was looking for.  I sent an email right away and told them I needed their help!  Fast!

Next, I started my "Blog Design Ideas" board on Pinterest.  This helped me gather things I liked and saw inspiration in.  Colors, texture, fonts, logos, branding.

Color inspiration.



Logos and branding.

I really cannot wait to show you all!!
Very soon.  I promise!

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  1. I'm such a sucker for a good blog design. I can't wait to see it!!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!