Jan 8, 2013

New Do

Going to keep it short, simple, sweet and to the point.

Got myself a new do.  Not a major change but some needed ones.


Added some highlights and went with the inverted bob.  

The thing I LOVed was that the stylist curled my hair.  She asked if she could and I told her "good luck".  My hair NEVER holds a curl.
Well, low and behold she proved me wrong.  And she did it with a straightener.  WTH!

I was impressed and LOVed the curled look.  Now I just wish I could replicate.
Oh well!  I at least had the day to enjoy it!

I will say that looking at these pics make me so glad to be back at the gym (again).  Yes, I started going back in September but then life got in the way and I have not been there the last three.  Well, off to lose some weight and get back to my pre-baby weight!  Ha!

Oh and P.S.  Brian no making fun of my modeling skills this time around, OK?  
Yeah, I know you are reading this :)


  1. Jennifer you look beautiful as always! :)

  2. You new do suits you! Love the curls!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier!!


Thanks for your comment. Have a LOVely day!!!