Feb 28, 2013


I have been so crazy busy with this little thing called life.  And I've had a major case of writer's block.  Blah!
Not that I'm a writer.  At least I don't consider myself one.
I'd like to think of myself as a sharer of ideas.  A sharer of random thoughts.
So, what have I been up to?
Chasing my Annie around.  Remember I mentioned this one is crawling now.  Can barely keep up with her.  It is so awesome watching her explore and trying new things, tho.
Listening to my sweet Bub and all her wacky comments.  This one says things nobody would even believe.  She sure is a character.  The other day she was putting on a dress with tights that did not match at all.  I asked her if she could at least try to match a little.  She told me "Well, mama, they both have pink and sometimes people like to be colorful".  Well, that sums it up.
 Drowning in work at my day job.  I wish all this was my day job but gotta pay them bills baby! 
Working on some special projects for a friend of mine about to pop.  She is expecting her first baby boy and I am so excited for her.   I finished up a rustic chalkboard and barn board sign for her.  Can't wait to share them!
Working on our taxes.  Yep.  Another thing I work on.  I swear.  I think I just have to start giving up things.  But yeah I work on our taxes.  We got audited before and so now I do them myself.  Really not that hard just takes time and patience.  And Google.
Oh I also had the stomach flu for a few days.  Was in bed dying.  I felt like I was hit by a truck.  It was awful.  Or I am just a big whiner.
Are you juggling a lot these days too?  Any tips you can share with me about how to get 
it all done better?
Even though life can be crazy it is important to remember to smile.  That is one thing I sometimes forget to do but life is too short not too.  
I saw this quote from Katie Daisy on Pinterest and it hits home.  If you are not familiar with her RUN and check her out.  Her work alone will make you smile.


Feb 18, 2013

LOVe My J.Crew Headband

One of my fav stores to shop at is J.Crew.  Seriously is there anyone who does not like The Crew?
During the holidays I bought myself their Tortoise Braided Headband.  I've not worn a headband since probably grade school but I just LOVed this one so much that I couldn't resist.  And during the holidays they were doing 30% off EVERYTHING (yeah I know it was insane and me and The Mr. practically got new wardrobes) so for sure couldn't resist!!!
I LOVe this thing and since getting my haircut I've worn it a gazillion times.  Can't get enough and I LOVe how it looks with my inverted bob.
 And when I tease up the bump I think it looks so fun and youthful (yeah cause I need to feel that these days...)
Now if you do flock on over to The Crew to get yourself one make sure to tell them I sent you.
Ha!  Maybe they'll send me a coupon or something nice!

Feb 14, 2013

V Day

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

Make sure you give lots of kisses to your LOVed ones today and enjoy the romance in the air...

This day is extra meaningful for me because it is when I started my life with my best friend.  14 years ago on V-Day I got a sweet note from The Mr. asking me if I would be his girlfriend.  There was a box to mark yes and another to make no {of course I marked yes...}.  As crazy as life gets The Mr. is my world and will always be my rock.  The one I can count on no mater what!  Even the times when I just can't stand being around him because he's driving me insane...{now don't get mad Mr. because you know you hate being around me sometimes too..}

I honestly feel me and The Mr. were meant to be.  We went to high school together and I swear to you did not talk once to each other.  We probably crossed paths a hundred times.  We definitely knew of each other and had a lot of the same friends.  To be honest, though, if we would of dated in high school we would never be where we are today.  Let's face it.  The Mr. was far too cool for me and I would of never made any lasting impression on him.

Our paths crossed again in college and we just could not stay apart from each other.  Thank god he remembered that social security number on the fake ID he used to hang out with me our first night hanging out!  Ha!  After finding one another we spent every lasting minute together and have made so many memories with each other ever since.

I love you Mr. and always will!

Feb 11, 2013

Kiddie Pizza Pockets

Hey there!  Phew it's been a long week.  The Mr. was out of town so things were a little hectic at the bungalow.  I get overwhelmed easily (let's be real here) so just focused on the home front last week.
I've been wanting to share with you a fun and easy recipe.  My friend Katie made pizza pockets recently for a play date and the kids LOVed them.  Couldn't get enough!!!
 So me and the Bub set out to make them ourselves.  I'm not fond of being in the kitchen (The Mr. is the one who mainly cooks in our home) but I knew we could make this simple dish together.  Bub asked for it everyday 
until we did.
  Now I pinky swear this is super easy.  
All you need is:
-  One can of Pillsbury crescent rolls or the seamless dough sheet
-  One jar of marinara sauce
-  One package of pepperoni
-  One package of shredded mozzarella cheese
This made four good sized pockets.  Now we did not use all of everything only the dough.  Just go with the flow tho and use as much as you like.  That's what we did.
First we rolled out the dough and cut them into four long strips.  Bub was such a great roller and she honestly did most of getting them ready for the oven herself.
Add some sauce.  We did about two spoonfuls.  I noticed too much and the pockets did not close as easily and spewed out while baking.
Layer the cheese and pepperoni.
Fold and close the ends together.
Set the oven for 350 degrees and pop them in for about for 17 minutes.  I took them out when they were just starting to brown on the outside.
I'm telling you Bub LOVed them so much and was very proud of making them herself.  We had a great time making them together too!  Some special mama and daughter time.
Oh and she was very eager to give them a thumbs up when I asked how she liked them.  Couldn't get any better than that friends!
Ha!  LOVe this crazy girl of mine!

Feb 10, 2013

Annie is Six Months!

Wowzers.  I cannot believe it!
Annie is six months!  Eek.  Well she has been a few weeks now but...she is six months none the less!
Crazy.  I cannot believe how fast it is going.  She will be a year before I know it.
Getting to know Annie has been incredible.  Crazy and overwhelming at times but incredible.  Do all mama's feel that way?  Please tell me I'm not the only one with all the crazy emotions going on.  The roller coaster of feelings.
I bought those cute month stickers after Annie was born and have been awful at getting her pics in them.  I've taken pics of her each month to follow along as she changes but just the random here and there shots.  So sad too since I was so determined to keep up with it.
Well, for her six month shot I went all out and did something fun and with a vintage twist.  I wanted to capture the time she got her first tooth.  Starting crawling.  Yep, this girl is getting everywhere and she sure is a fast one!  The trouble has begun...

Oh yeah she's quite the drooler too!  Just LOVe this one!

Feb 2, 2013

Addicted to CHICKEN WIRE!

Is there a CWA?  "Chicken wire anonymous".  I have a SERIOUS addiction to chicken wire and upcycling with it that I might just need to go and get some help.
I'm endlessly looking for frames and windows so I can add some gosh darn chicken wire to them.  In an odd way it is a stress reliever for me.  Alleviates my continuous anxiety.  Something about getting scratches all over my arms and hands just makes me feel...hmm. OK really, it does hurt a little, but for some reason it makes me feel better after a long day.  Like I'm actually getting something done..I also LOVe using the staple gun and just stapling away.  Really gets me focused on something 
so not stressful...
Well enough of the weirdness.  Actually as I say that I'm reminded of something I read in Young House Love's book.  You know who I'm talking about right?  Bloggers John and Sherri with their super cute daughter, Clara and dog, Burger (OK I say that like I know them.  Well, I read their blog quite regularly so I kind of feel like I know them...)
So, in their book, which I just started reading and already enjoy, they list some warnings.  Here is the one that totally hits what I am talking about on the head.
"Your hands will get dirty...Nothing gets the serotonin pumping like good old fashioned grunt work.  From sanding and painting to staple-gunning and hammering, you might just surprise yourself how accomplished and hard core you feel.  Caution:  It's addictive."
 Maybe I'm not so weird after all, huh?

Well, chicken wire is pretty amazing and there are so many different things you can do with it.  I see it so often these days in decor.  Here are a bunch of fun ideas you can do with it.

This one here is my fav.  I LOVe these lights!  How awesome and creative are they?

Wowzers.  Check out this chicken wire frame.  I LOVe the beauty and design of this one.  The curves and girliness of it.  So pretty!
 Vintage Rose Garden
I LOVE seeing chicken wire used in furniture.  So rustic and great farmhouse decor.  This piece done over at Paint Me White is a beauty.
Paint Me White
Paint Me White
Chicken wire chandelier at Casa Sugar
 This chicken wire basket comes from of my fav blogs, Craftberry Bush.  Lucy is awesome and so sweet.  Every time she has left me a comment I've felt so special.
Craftberry Bush
 I seriously can go on and on showing you fun chicken wire projects.  Just do a Google search and look at the images.  You will see so many.
Go check it out!