Feb 2, 2013

Addicted to CHICKEN WIRE!

Is there a CWA?  "Chicken wire anonymous".  I have a SERIOUS addiction to chicken wire and upcycling with it that I might just need to go and get some help.
I'm endlessly looking for frames and windows so I can add some gosh darn chicken wire to them.  In an odd way it is a stress reliever for me.  Alleviates my continuous anxiety.  Something about getting scratches all over my arms and hands just makes me feel...hmm. OK really, it does hurt a little, but for some reason it makes me feel better after a long day.  Like I'm actually getting something done..I also LOVe using the staple gun and just stapling away.  Really gets me focused on something 
so not stressful...
Well enough of the weirdness.  Actually as I say that I'm reminded of something I read in Young House Love's book.  You know who I'm talking about right?  Bloggers John and Sherri with their super cute daughter, Clara and dog, Burger (OK I say that like I know them.  Well, I read their blog quite regularly so I kind of feel like I know them...)
So, in their book, which I just started reading and already enjoy, they list some warnings.  Here is the one that totally hits what I am talking about on the head.
"Your hands will get dirty...Nothing gets the serotonin pumping like good old fashioned grunt work.  From sanding and painting to staple-gunning and hammering, you might just surprise yourself how accomplished and hard core you feel.  Caution:  It's addictive."
 Maybe I'm not so weird after all, huh?

Well, chicken wire is pretty amazing and there are so many different things you can do with it.  I see it so often these days in decor.  Here are a bunch of fun ideas you can do with it.

This one here is my fav.  I LOVe these lights!  How awesome and creative are they?

Wowzers.  Check out this chicken wire frame.  I LOVe the beauty and design of this one.  The curves and girliness of it.  So pretty!
 Vintage Rose Garden
I LOVE seeing chicken wire used in furniture.  So rustic and great farmhouse decor.  This piece done over at Paint Me White is a beauty.
Paint Me White
Paint Me White
Chicken wire chandelier at Casa Sugar
 This chicken wire basket comes from of my fav blogs, Craftberry Bush.  Lucy is awesome and so sweet.  Every time she has left me a comment I've felt so special.
Craftberry Bush
 I seriously can go on and on showing you fun chicken wire projects.  Just do a Google search and look at the images.  You will see so many.
Go check it out!

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  1. wow, I would never think to use chicken wire for anything like this but everything is all so pretty. I love the chandelier.
    found you through Story of my Life.
    Now following via Bloglovin :)


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